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Dr Anna Hansell

Dr Anna Hansell

Dr Anna Hansell, Assistant Director of SAHSU

Dr Anna Hansell the Assistant Director of the Small Area Health Statistics Unit (SAHSU). She is a fully accredited public health doctor who has been working in environmental epidemiology and with small area data for the past 12 years. She is a Clinical Senior Lecturer with an Honorary  contract with Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust.

As Assistant Director of the SAHSU, Dr Hansell has particular research expertise in investigating public health issues relating to environmental exposures; ranging from waste (incinerators and biocomposting) to environmental noise.  Dr Hansell has a personal research interest in the environmental determinants of chronic respiratory disease. In this area she has conducted research within a number of projects looking at health effects of 20-40+ years of air pollution exposure on various health outcomes. She is also a member of the respiratory work package in the EU- funded, European Study of Cohorts and Air Pollution Effects (ESCAPE) looking at long term effects of air pollution across Europe.

Dr Hansell is one of few epidemiologists in the UK currently researching environmental noise and health. She participated as a work package leader in the EU-funded European Network on Noise and Health (ENNAH) project 2010-12, working with over 30 European institutions. She has conducted consultancy work for Defra with respect to health effects of environmental noise and has responsibility for the UK component of the HYENA (Hypertension and Exposure to Noise near Airports) study.

Dr Hansell, is a member of the government scientific advisory Committee on Toxicity (COT) of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment providing specialist epidemiological input.