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Cai Y, Hodgson S, Blangiardo M, de Hoogh K, Morley DW, Gulliver J, Hveem K, Elliott P, Hansell A.  2017.   Ambient Air Pollution, Traffic Noise And Adult-Onset Asthma: The Hunt Study, Norway. European Respiratory Journal . 49
Dorion D, de Hoogh K, Probst-Hensch N, Mbatchou S, Eeftens M, Cai Y, Schindler C, Fortier I, Hodgson S, Gaye A et al..  2017.  Associations between air pollution and wheeze and shortness of breath in 400000 European adults. Environmental Health Perspectives. . In press
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Cai Y, Hansell AL, Blangiardo M, Burton PR, , de Hoogh K, Dorion D, Fortier I, Gulliver J, Hveem K et al..  2017.  Long-term exposure to road traffic noise, ambient air pollution and cardiovascular risk factors in the HUNT and Lifelines cohorts.. European Heart Journal .
Dorion D, de Hoogh K, Probst-Hensch N, Mbatchou S, Eeftens M, Cai Y, Schindler C, Fortier I, Hodgson S, Gave S et al..  2017.  Residential Air Pollution and Associations with Wheeze and Shortness of Breath in Adults: A Combined Analysis of Cross-Sectional Data from Two Large European Cohorts. Environmental Health Perspectives. . 125(9)
Cai Y, Hodgson S, Blangiardo M, Gulliver J, Morely DW, Vienneau D, de Hoogh K, Key T, Hveem K, Elliott P et al..  2017.  Road traffic noise and incident cardiovascular disease: a joint analysis of HUNT, EPIC-Oxford and UK Biobank. International Commission on Biological Effects of Noise.
Zijlema WL, Cai Y, Dorion D, Mbatchou S, Fortier I, de Hoogh K, Morely DW, Hodgson S, Elliott P, Key T et al..  2017.  Road traffic noise, blood pressure and heart rate: Pooled analyses of harmonized data from 88,336 participants. Environmental Research. 151
Briggs D, Fecht D, de Hoogh K.  2007.  Census data issues for epidemiology and health risk assessment: experiences from the Small Area Health Statistics Unit. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society). 170(2):355-378.