Dr Brandon Parkes

Dr Brandon Parkes, Research Associate


Job Title and Responsibilities:

Job title: Research Associate in Biostatistics
Developing statistical models for environmental epidemiological studies and providing statistical input into the redevelopment of the Rapid Inquiry Facility

Main research projects:
• Incinerators Study
• Rapid Inquiry Facility
• Incinerators Biomonitoring Study

About Me:
After my undergraduate degree, I spent several years working in software development for a variety of commercial organisations. In 2009 I took a break from full time work to take an MSc degree then a PhD at King’s College London. My PhD research required the use of a broad range of statistical methods; in particular, I greatly enjoyed learning about and using the advanced Bayesian Monte Carlo statistical methods that were not available when I studied as an undergraduate in the 1990s. This research opened my eyes to the incredible opportunities that Bayesian methods bring to a range of research disciplines, and are probably having the most impact in medical statistics and epidemiology.

2015- PhD: Uncertainty in Flood Risk and its Implications for Management – King’s College London
2011- MSc Global Environmental Change – King’s College London
1992- BA Natural Sciences - Cambridge University

• Bayesian statistical analysis
• Statistical programming in Matlab and R (attended ‘Environmental data analysis and simulation using R’ course)
• Object oriented development in C++, Java, .Net; GUI design, web development, multithreading, distributed programming.
• MS SQL Server database design, development, performance tuning, scalability, security.

Selected Publications:
Parkes, B.L. and Demeritt, D., 2016. Defining the hundred year flood: A Bayesian approach for using historic data to reduce uncertainty in flood frequency estimates. Journal of Hydrology, 540, 1189-1208.

Parkes, B.L., Cloke, H.L., Pappenberger, F., Neal, J., Demeritt, D., 2013. Reducing Inconsistencies in Point Observations of Maximum Flood Inundation Level. Earth Interact., 17, 1–27.  doi: 10.1175/2012EI000475.1

Parkes, B.L., Wetterhall, F., Pappenberger, F., He, Y.,Malamud, B.D. and Cloke, H.L., 2013 Assessment of a 1-hour gridded precipitation dataset to drive a hydrological model: a case study of the summer 2007 floods in the Upper Severn, UK. Hydrology Research, 44, 89–105. doi:10.2166/nh.2011.025

He, Y., Pappenberger, F., Manful, D., Cloke, H., Bates, P., Wetterhall, F., Parkes, B., 2013. Flood Inundation Dynamics and Socioeconomic Vulnerability under Environmental Change. In book: Climate Vulnerability, Chapter: Chapter 5.8, Publisher: Elsevier Sciences, Editors: R. Pielke Sr.

Contact Details:
Email: b.parkes@imperial.ac.uk
Telephone number(s): 020 7594 0750
Social Media details: Linkedin: Brandon Parkes